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Are You In The Right Job?

dream job next exitMost people fall in to their careers purely by accident.  Suddenly they get to a stage in their lives when they think “how did I get here? And “how did I end up doing this?”  More often than not, it isn’t what they really wanted to do in the first place and it seems almost impossible to think about doing something else now.  So they continue along the path they were on at the risk of becoming more and more dissatisfied with their own career choice.

Could this be you?

What is important to remember, is YOU choose your career direction – it is not made for you it is created BY you.

Everything you have done until this very moment, whether it has been a conscious or unconscious decision, has been your decision.

The biggest and bravest decision to make now is whether to continue on this path or take a different direction.

To find out if you are doing the right job, ask yourself these 3 simple questions:

  1. If all jobs paid the same, what job would I do?
  2. If I knew I couldn’t fail, what job would I do?
  3. If I was given a magic wand and could create the job of my dreams, what would it be?

These questions give us permission to dream, to knock down the barriers we create for ourselves and to open and honest with ourselves about wht we really want.

What do your answers say about you?

If you are doing a job that really interests, motivates and inspires you, not only will you enjoy it and feel happier than you ever have, but you will ultimately become a success!  Studies show that success does not necessarily translate in to financial reward (thought it’s always nice!) but is about doing something you enjoy, that gives you a sense of satisfaction and personal reward.

If your answers are indicating you are not doing something you want to do and you would like to do something different, well, why not start exploring what that might look like and think about how you can achieve it?

Career Coaching is about helping people to explore their transferable skills and identify what motivates them.  It’s about exploring all the options and eliminating many of the barriers preventing them from realizing their career potential.

Here’s another little exercise you can try for yourself. Draw your ‘personal life line’ from left to right on a page and mark an “X” to show where you are on that line now.  How far along the line is the “X”?

Consider what you have achieved until now and think about how much time has passed? What jobs have you done?  What did you enjoy and what were your successes?

Next, look at what remains on the right of the “X”.  Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve?  How much time do you have to achieve that?  If your earlier answers to the 3 questions indicated you’re not doing a job that really makes you happy, then perhaps it’s time to start thinking about what you would like to do and how you might be able to achieve it.

Career Coaching is not an overnight fix, and magic wands are in short supply.  However, if you really want to change – you can.  You are in control of your own career and ultimately you can always change direction.

Remember you only get so many trips around the sun, so make the most out of your life!

What are you Passionate about?

passionate about your jobFebruary has arrived and the month is all about love, passion and romance – well for one day at least!

So this months’ article is all about focusing on what you love about your job.

What are you passionate about?

I recently worked with a large group of students studying for their Masters Degrees at an International Business School in London. I was helping them to practice their one minute ‘Elevator Pitch’. This is about comfortably articulating your one minute advert to an interviewer, prospective employer or an important connection about who you are, what you have to offer and ultimately what you want.

It was great to see so many vibrant and enthusiastic students, all keen to learn and eager to make a good impression. All of them had a passion for learning new things and all of them had one thing in common; they wanted to do their best so they could get a new career they’d love.

For many of us, this passion for success and eagerness to learn something new, with the aim of securing a good career, may be more of a memory than a reality now. However, life is a continual journey of change and progress and it is important for us not to lose focus on what we are really passionate about.

So my question to you is….. “do you still love your job”?

If the answer is yes, then that’s great! I would then ask you, “how can you maintain that?” “How can you ensure you don’t lose that focus and you keep striving for success and continue to feel passionate about what you do? It’s important to recognise what makes you love your job so you can keep on pushing and challenging yourself to succeed.

If you’re answer is no, and let’s be honest, there will be a lot of “no’s” out there, ask yourself “what do you need to do to get that passion and enthusiasm back?” Think about the significance of what you do. Really think about your contribution and all the positive things you have accomplished. Try to think back on why you took the job in the first place and how delighted you were when you got the job. Perspective plays a huge role in personal satisfaction. What impact could you make now in your job and within your organisation? Are there things you could change now for the better to make you love your job again? It may just be about a change of attitude and pushing yourself a bit harder, making your role more interesting or challenging.

It may also be about the realisation that you have outgrown your job and no matter what you do, you are not going to feel that passion and enthusiasm again. If you are never going to love your job like you use to, then it’s time to move on to something new that you can be passionate and enthusiastic about again.

It might be about finding a compromise such as doing some additional training to learn some new skills or gain further knowledge or qualifications.

Finally, some of you may consider branching out and doing something in addition to the day job such as volunteering for a cause or a community group or project that you really feel passionate about. Sometimes redirecting our efforts in to something new and recognizing as we get older our interests and passions change can be just as powerful and rewarding.

So…… love your job or put your energy and passions in to loving something new, because when you love your job, you will always do it well!


“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!” Confucius