No matter what type of work you do, or what you are applying for, it seems everyone wants to see a CV.

A CV is your ’30 second sales pitch’ for your next career move.  Therefore, it’s so important to get it right!

You’ll find everyone will have an opinion on what a good CV should look like and none of them will be the same.  There are also numerous websites with various templates and guides – so it can be really confusing getting it right.

As an experienced hiring manager during my career as a Senior  Recruiter at the BBC, I sifted through and read thousands of CV’s and know exactly what employers are looking for and what they do and don’t want to read.

In my role as a Career Transition Coach I regularly facilitate CV workshops helping people to identify their key skills and strengths are articulate them in written form.  I coach them through ‘best practice guidelines’ on effective CV writing, formatting and most importantly how to tailor their CV’s to individual roles to guarantee they will get noticed for all the right reasons.

I don’t just write people’s CV, I empower my clients to understand how to write a winning CV for themselves using my tried and tested templates, coaching and CV writing techniques.

If you would like me to read through your CV and give you some constructive feedback on how well it aligns to what employers want, contact me for a free CV Review.  

Free CV Review

  • Layout 
  • Formatting
  • Language (including spelling and grammar)
  • Content
  • Style
  • Suitability
  • Impact
  • Honest CV feedback without any cost

Need your C.V updated?

It’s easy to let your CV get out of date but not as easy to get it back on track.  

My years of experience in the  Recruitment and Career Transition industry means I am considered to be a CV Expert creating excellent industry accepted CV’ from scratch.  I give practical and helpful advice and resources to enable clients to keep their C.V’s up to date.  The C.V update consist of:

  • A free C.V Reviewplus:
  • Reformatting layout and headings
  • Basic corrections to improve content, language and including spelling/grammatical mistakes
  • Formatting to standard styles and formats
  • Removing and adding content as set by industry standards
  • Free cover letter template and step-by-step CV Template Guide

Full C.V Service

I can help you create a professional C.V that’s both unique and tailored to the industry or job you are applying for.

The process will include an initial free confidential telephone consultation discuss your CV requirements.  Key areas covered include:

  • Identify qualities, experience and aspirations
  • Identify key skills and achievements
  • Record previous and/or current employment details
  • Record training, qualifications and education
  • Create a first draft C.V for an initial review
  • Complete a final C.V 
  • Free cover letter template and step-by-step CV Template Guide for ongoing support

Click here to arrange your free confidential telephone consultation now!

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;

 an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”

Winston Churchill