If you could create your own ‘Dream Job’ what would it be?

Many of us will assume our ‘Dream Job’ is just that – a dream.  It can be very difficult to get past the point of turning that dream job in to a reality.

Let’s face it, in the ‘real world’ you have lots of responsibilities such as a paying a mortgage or the rent.  You may have a family and children to support.  You may be paying off debts such as credit cards or loans and generally trying to cover the overall cost of living.


The idea of stepping out of your comfort zone and potentially putting any of that at risk will usually enough to ensure you don’t follow that dream, you don’t change your job and you continue doing what you’re doing and deciding that ‘dream job’ is not a realistic option.

You may also be worried about the cost of re-training, what others may say and you may feel time is not on your side.  Perhaps you think ‘that ship has already sailed’?

All of these things are created by FEAR.

When we consider doing things that bring us stress, worry or risk, our minds will  naturally default to survival mode to keep us safe. However, change is good and necessary and brings about new opportunities.  If we didn’t change and push ourselves to do new or difficult things that were uncomfortable, scary or risky, we wouldn’t improve, evolve or succeed!

That ‘fear of failure’ often held me back too.  However, the last 6 months has seen me embrace a great deal of change, both personally and professionally and actually it has been liberating!  Some of this change has seen me re-design my website and re-launch my business brand  and take on a variety of new clients and new business.  It takes courage to make change, but once you have made that commitment it can be amazing!

  • When was the last time you took a risk or made a significant change?
  • What gave you the courage to make that change?
  • What did you learn about yourself from doing it?

People want to have more autonomy and control over their working lives so the workforce is constantly changing.  There is a rise in Entrepreneurs, Portfolio Careers and a greater demand for transparency, respect, ethical work values and well-being in the work place.  Noticeably, more people are choosing to step out of the Corporate and Commercial environment to do something that resonates more closely with their own values.

A colleague recently said to me “when you are working for a long time within an organisation, it is a bit like being a Satellite orbiting the Sun – you are part of something bigger.  When you change and decide to go out on your own or do something different – you become the Sun.”