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David, Edinburgh

Thanks very much for all your time and effort (and patience).  I have found our sessions extremely beneficial, informative and helpful. Your advice on my CV was instrumental in me securing an interview where I was successful in landing the role. I cannot thank you enough – your techniques and approach are spot on Karen!


Octavio, Cranfield

I strongly recommend working with Karen, as it is one of the right decisions I have made regarding my career development.

After being stuck in an unfinished PhD and without being in the industry for the same amount of time, I felt I had no career direction as I was lacking confidence due to this gap.

Karen was helpful in creating the confidence I was lacking, and identifying relevant achievements  in my professional life. With her guidance and professionalism, she helped me to assess my old CV and create a more impactful one.

Also thanks to her coaching sessions, I learnt interview techniques that allowed me to build the confidence needed to pass through the recruitment process, which I certainly considered the most challenging to get a job.

After two months of working with Karen, and another two months of active job searching I can say that I got a job that goes in line with my objectives and will provide the professional growth and development I was looking for.

Thank you Karen!

Claire, Maidenhead

I would like to say thank you so very much. I am so pleased I made the decision to seek you out and amazed at the progress we have made in such a short space of time!

Richard, Buckinghamshire

Karen has been an enormous help to me in returning to employment from a 1 year career break and 15 years since last finding work.  During our initial consultation phone call Karen was very perceptive in understanding the issues I was experiencing and was able to make suggestions that required immediate action.  I found Karen’s advice was very well focused and although they were difficult tasks I found was able to act on the advice and see the benefits.

In a short amount of time I had a much improved CV and I had refined the way I looking for my next job.  I have now been successful gaining a job offer with using my new CV and also improving my presentation at my next interview.  Spending time with Karen has been an investment for me and I have achieved obtaining the position that I set in my goals.  I would recommend to others also finding the employment market a difficult place to reach out to Karen.

Wayne, Buckinghamshire

“Thank you so much for all your help and assistance, being able to talk things through with you certainly provided clarity as to what actions I should be taking whilst having symptoms of ‘head fog’ if that makes sense, your advice was absolutely spot on and it’s produced results in ultra-quick time and for this I am really grateful.”

“I will certainly be recommending and telling people about your services when I am asked and I’m sure I will be in contact with you again for your advice when I am looking to make my next move up in the future.”

Dave, Lothian, Scotland.

Thanks very much for all your time and effort (and patience).  I have found our sessions extremely beneficial, informative and helpful. 

Wai, London

“Karen was assigned to provide Outplacement Support following my departure from a previous employer, and her engagement and support was invaluable throughout the entire process. Karen was extremely empathetic and an exceptional listener, providing sound advice concerning my CV and LinkedIn profile, following which enhancements were made to refine my profile. My approach to job hunting was questioned, therefore I adjusted my approach and benefits were yielded overnight. My proposed actions were challenged, always in a candid yet professional manner, which prompted me to question my own thought process. Even after I had secured a new role, Karen continued to surpass my expectations and provided advice regarding how to make an impression with my new employer from day one. If you are considering engaging with Karen for the plethora of services she offers, I ask you to consider no more and simply do it! You will not be disappointed. “


Lauren, Northampton,

“I started working with Karen after feeling trapped in my job and having no idea which way to run.  She quickly helped me to identify the skills I had as well as focus on where I wanted to go and who I’d need to speak to in order to get there.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of reconnecting with former industry colleagues and Karen’s advice helped restore my faith in my own ability.

Within a very short space of time I managed to repair a damaged relationship with my boss to land the job I wanted within my own organisation.

When I’m ready to move on I will definitely be contacting Karen for support with my CV and interview techniques. She’s friendly, supportive and incredibly knowledgeable.

I would recommend her to anyone stuck in a rut –career coaching has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

Jeremy, Leeds,

“I got in touch with Karen after I had a REALLY bad 2nd interview for a job. You know the feeling… Words not coming out right, embarrassed, stressed out, confidence hit, etc. Even though I’d prepared I just wasn’t ready for the type of tricky competency based questions that were fired at me. I didn’t want to go through that horrendous experience again!

Karen helped me do a postmortem of the interview, how I’d handled it and how I’d ended up getting into the state I did during it and the reasons why. She then gave me some fantastic, simple techniques on how to prepare for competency based interviews. She explained it all in such a simple and understandable way that it all fell into place and made perfect sense.

I had the one hour session with Karen about 3 years ago and since then EVERY job interview I’ve had has gone well. In fact, over the past 18 months I’ve had three interviews and have been offered every job. At one point I had to choose between them! I now have a great job working on Emmerdale for ITV and I’m extremely happy. Without Karen’s training I really wouldn’t have achieved this!”

Paddy, West London

“With a 12 year old CV Karen did a superb job restructuring it, pulling out the my key selling points and most importantly made it stand out from the normal CV. The result – numerous job interview and to secure a job.  I would highly recommend Karen’s services to give you that key leg up to secure that job interview.”

Magdalena, Maidenhead,

I really enjoyed working with Karen on creating a CV before applying for an exciting role in the niche industry I had worked in for the last 8 years. Karen is professional and knowledgeable – her experience shines through.

Having never used a similar service before, I was not sure what to expect at first but she guided me through the process with an ease of someone who really knows their job and quickly helped me get confident in what I was doing: it was a very productive and pleasant process from start to finish. It was definitely time and money very well spent – I am certain we will work together again in the future. Thank you Karen!”

Sargeant, South Bucks.

“Karen is an expert in her field, someone you can depend on. Her ability to ask the right questions helped me find my own answers at interviews and when discussing my CV with companies. Karen’s personality and skills makes her my ‘go to contact’ for all things Careers.”

Sue, Ruislip.

“Karen helped me update my CV. She knows exactly what’s in and what’s not and pin pointed exactly what was wrong with mine. I now have a new CV that I am completely happy with. On a personal note Karen is a lovely person to work with and would highly recommend her.”

Peter, Ruislip.

“Without hesitation I would recommend Karen for careers advice, I found her expertise and methods invaluable. Karen provides focus and clarity when determining how to achieve your professional ambitions in a practical and targeted format. Excellent service.”

Victor, Harefield. 

“I have to admit that I am very impressed with my new CV. Karen is a lovely person to work with and I can’t imagine my CV looking better than the one she did . With her great help and my skills and qualifications I find myself very confident in finding the cruise job I’ve always dreamed of. I will recommend Karen to all of my friends and acquaintances who need guidance in their careers or professional help in updating their CV’s.”

Sarah, West Drayton. 

“Karen updated my first CV and created a second CV for a different career path. These were done without hesitation, to a high standard and were good value for money. I will be recommending Karen to friends and family.”

Guy, Pinner. 

“Karen has been particularly helpful and reliable to me at this time – quite inspirational even! Her friendly and personable manner is refreshing!”

Julie, Hillingdon. 

“I would recommend Karen to anyone at any stage that reaches a fork in their career path. She quickly empathises with her client and has great instincts in recognising individual qualities. Karen is proficient in providing key step-by-step, practical assistance which is delivered promptly with cost efficiency.  I would seek Karen’s counsel on any career matter as she is a complete knowledge bank. I am very pleased to have found her.”

Hayley, Uxbridge. 

“I was very impressed by the way you managed to update and enhance my skills and qualifications, maintaining intact the relevant content of my CV while at the same time keeping it brief and non-cumbersome.   For me, it was time and money well spent“.

Mark, Harefield 

“Karen helped me update my C.V. She is such an easy person to connect with and I felt she really put a lot of effort in. I ended up with a very strong CV and covering letter which was way better than my attempt. In such a competitive job market you need to stand out and Karen helped me do just that.”

Johnathan, Uxbridge.

“Thank you for your help with my CV and covering letter, I greatly appreciate it.  I will be highly recommending you to friends and family.”

Nick, Hillingdon.  

“A very relaxed, productive session, focusing on my strengths and weaknesses without any judgement or forced direction”.

Colin, Uxbridge.

“Excellent service highly recommended”.

Julian, Northamptonshire.

“Great Results, Personable, Good Value. Meeting with Karen really helped me understand what my strengths are and on what I should focus in my jobsearch. She was a great listener who asked objective questions to really coax out what motivates me. In addition, her follow up to our meeting was promptly received and was a helpful summary of what we covered.”

Career Transition and C.V. Workshops – Evaluation Comments:

“Such an informative workshop where I have learnt so much about how to move forward, but mostly now having the knowledge and confidence to be in the best version of me!  Thanks to the knowledge I have gained from this workshop.”

I will use what I have learnt to create my new C.V”

What a brilliant workshop!”

“I found the 2 days really useful and learnt lots!”

“I very much enjoyed the workshop. It was set at a good pace and Karen is extremely helpful and good at what she does. I look forward to working with her again.”

“Brilliant workshop.  Lots to take away, think about and work on.  Good handouts.  Great – thank you Karen!”

A great confidence boosting 2 days!”

“An excellent 2 days which has provided the team with practical ideas to support them at this tricky time of change.  The team responded well to Karen’s personable facilitation style and participated in the discussions and activities”

“Sessions we full of valuable information”

“Thank you for expert guidance and advice.  I feel it will be great help in the future. Thanks!”

“Very beneficial, informative and professional”

Sharon Atherton. Manager Harefield Children’s Centre  (workshop to help parents looking to return to work)  “Karen is passionate in her approach and is able to listen and respond to the needs of the organisation. She is also a pleasure to work with!”

“I enjoyed the session and it has given me the motivation and confidence to write my C.V and opened my eyes on other aspect of life”

Jo, Harefield.

I attended Karen’s workshop recently at Harefield and was so surprised at how everything has changed since I last did my C.V. She’s a lovely lady and so very helpful, so would definitely recommended you see her if youre after a career change or need advice on getting your C.V up and running.

Michele, Harefield.  

Learning what not & what to include on my CV (CV Workshop). The session was also very relaxed, very informative and excellently presented.  Karen made the whole job search seem much less daunting.

Tracy, Harefield.

“I found this a very helpful course (CV Workshop) as I have not had to do a CV for 20 yrs so would not know where I would have started.  Karen explained things very clearly and was very patient with the group as we asked her so many questions.”