So what exactly is Career Coaching ?

According to Wikipedia Career Coaching is defined as “Practitioners, who combine giving advice on their topic of expertise using Counseling techniques to support clients to make complex decisions or face difficult situations specifically related to issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues”

Career Coaching is working with clients to help them explore their transferable skills and get a better understanding and perspective about what motivates them in order to help them choose the best career path.

Career Coaching however, is NOT about being told what you should or shouldn’t do.

If you do not change the direction in which you are going, you will end up where you are headed


How does it work? 

Karen works closely with her clients to get to know them through effective coaching techniques.  It’s all about exploring your career options creatively and unlocking your personal career potential and getting you on the right career path. 

Essentially, successful career coaching is about using effective techniques to enable clients to develop a clear strategy to work out where they are now, where they want to be and building a fundamental and simple framework that will help them to achieve their goals – step by step.  

Is it right for me ?

It is particularly effective for people who :

  • feel they are at a cross-roads in their career and would like clarity
  • are finding it difficult to make the transition they want
  • want to completely change their career choice
  • are struggling to identify the changes they need to make to succeed in their current job
  • have lost their jobs or been made redundant
  • are looking to return to work following a career break or maternity leave
  • professionals considering self employment




Through using effective coaching techniques, Karen helps guide her clients through a number of stages, to help them identify their ‘transferable skills’, strengths and aspirations.  She helps to clarify career related goals, works closely with her clients breaking down barriers and obstacles that stand in the way and helps them to build positive steps forward through effective action planning – mapping out achievable and realistic goals and building an action plan for the short, medium and long term.

Try before you buy!

Career coaching is a very personal and individual service and it is absolutely essential you feel comfortable with the relationship you have with your career coach and you feel it’s right for you.  

Why not have an initial FREE telephone consultation (worth £60) – no obligation

What should I expect from a Career Coaching Session?

Individual careers coaching sessions are informal and structured.  They are 60 minutes a session.  It’s about asking you questions concerning your skills, abilities, preferences, interests and personality traits and channeling that information to help you move forward step by step.

Career guidance is NOT a quick fix or an overnight revelation, it takes time and therefore you should be prepared to have a number of sessions over a period of time – 3 or 4 is recommended, but everyone is different.

Each session will help you to:

  • explore and evaluate your skills, strengths and values
  • find out what motivates you and boost your confidence
  • set you realistic and achievable goals
  • give you a clearer path to enable you to achieve them and support you every step of the way
  • empower you to take control of your career

Career AchievementEvery session is followed up with a valuable written summary and an Action Plan to help guide you towards reaching your goal.




Why not have an initial FREE telephone consultation (worth £60) – no obligation