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Finding Success in a Frantic World!

My last post created a lot of debate about adapting to the changing world of work in the 21st Century.  As the Information Age continues to shape and change the way we interact with each other, it speeds everything up and it’s easy for us to lose focus on what’s really important ……..and that’s to slow down and take stock.


We are all in such a hurry, frantically finding quicker and smarter ways to achieve success and move on to the next best thing; to tick off our ever increasing to-do lists and be more productivity.  However, whilst Technology and the Information Age drives us on to achieve more, quicker and harder, our brains have not evolved at the same speed!



What we need to realise is the secret to better productivity and success is actually doing less!

Allowing ourselves the time and space to do nothing in particular more often than not, provides us with the opportunity for creating new ideas.  We are just not allowing ourselves time to rest and think properly!


We are spending so much time trying to find happiness and fulfilment in our jobs and our lives by running around, exhausting ourselves we are getting sadder, sicker and causing some serious harm to the planet trying on the way.


It seems we’re not getting happier we’re just getting busier.  With every passing year we are more stressed, overwhelmed and busier than ever before, getting all that ‘stuff’ done.

As a Career Coach, I am seeing more and more clients who are starting to realise this and want to slow down and catch their breath; to ask themselves this one important question “is this making me happy?”


I work with clients helping them to slow down and reassess their core values; what’s fundamentally important to them.  Because your values are who you are in your own deepest nature, not who you think you should be in order to fit in or what your peers, the media and the 21st Century tells you.  When your values are being met life feels very good, your actions feel right to you and you feel in control. When life and your career stops matching your values, then things feel wrong, uneasy, discontented.


When that happens it’s time to stop.  Time to listen to your gut instinct and that nagging voice in your head that’s telling you it’s time to change.

Invest time in yourself and search for what’s really important to you. Be clear about what your values are and if they’re being met and take time out to think clearly without all the noise.  If you’re interested in purchasing my ‘Values Cards’ just get in touch!






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