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Coping with Brexit and the summer holidays

euro and british flags“School’s out for Summer!”…….. Great!  The Summer sunshine is finally here at last, (well it was at the time of writing this article, so apologies if it has now been and gone and it’s raining where you are).

Summer is also a time when everyone goes on holiday, but not just friends and family who go away for a period of time.  Recruiters, hiring managers and even some business go away or close up shop over the summer.  So, if you are looking for employment, this can be a tricky time of year.

It has become even trickier now with the revelations of ‘Brexit’.

Now, I am not here to bang on about the pro’s and con’s and different view points about the Referendum result.  Neither am I here to stir up the debate again, many of us are already fed up with the media coverage and in-fighting it caused between friends and family.  However, it is something to address if you are looking for work.

The combination of companies reacting to Brexit and the summer holidays means the job market is for many, slow and difficult to break in to.  Some sectors are split, like Retail for example: which topped both the monthly job gains chart with a 35.9% increase but also being the sector with the 4th largest jobs losses which reflects the dynamic, competitive nature of this business area.  Retail firms are working to adjust their offerings, pricing and distribution to match the needs of increasingly demanding customers both online and off.

We are already seeing the permanent job market slowing down with more organisations and departments looking to fulfil vacancies through short term, interim and temporary recruitment campaigns.  This gives organisations the ability to be more flexible in their recruitment methods and have better control on their medium to long term recruitment strategies.  Many will basically be ‘playing safe’.

But, don’t be alarmed or caught up in the Brexit spin off conversations that it’s all “Doom and Gloom” (to quote Private Frazer from Dads Army).  It is not!

The job market is still there, the work still needs to get done but the methods to recruit may be different and less secure for some and with the holiday season upon us it may take more time than usual.

Companies such as Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) and Siemens have already made a U turn on their Brexit threats and have pledged to continue investing in the UK.  More recently MacDonalds has just announced 5000 UK jobs!

So, remember to continue with your networking.  Networking is key!  Start to have conversations with organisations, recruiters and your own connections about how Brexit and the summer break is affecting their organisation or their business?  What challenges do they face?  Has it created any other opportunities within the company?

It’s a great talking piece and will get you far more conversation than just asking about employment opportunities straight off.

Finally, if you are going away yourself over the summer holidays, ensure you make the most of it.  No one should be taking a lap top to the beach!  Take time out to relax and re-charge your batteries.  Give yourself some time to re-calibrate your mind so that you will be refreshed and re-energised when you return home.

Happy Summer!