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Are You In The Right Job?

banner_successMost people fall in to their careers purely by accident.  Suddenly they get to a stage in their lives when they think “how did I get here? And “how did I end up doing this?”

More often than not, it isn’t what they really wanted to do in the first place and it seems almost impossible to think about doing something else now.  So they continue along the path they were on at the risk of becoming more and more dissatisfied with their own career choice.

Could this be you?

What is important to remember, is YOU choose your career direction – it is not made For you it is created BY you.

Everything you have done until this very moment, whether it has been a conscious or unconscious decision, has been your decision.

The biggest and bravest decision to make now is whether to continue on this path or take a different direction.

To find out if you are doing the right job, ask yourself these 3 simple questions:

1.     If all jobs paid the same, what job would I do?

2.     If I knew I couldn’t fail, what job would I do?

3.     If I was given a magic wand and could create the job of my dreams, what would it be?

What do your answers say to you?

If you are doing a job that really interests, motivates and inspires you, not only will you enjoy it and feel happier than you ever have, but you will ultimately become a success!  Studies show that success does not necessarily translate in to financial reward (thought it’s always nice!) but is about doing something you enjoy, that gives you a sense of satisfaction and personal reward.

If your answers are indicating you are not doing something you want to do and you would like to do something different, well, why not start exploring what that might look like and think about how you can achieve it?

Career Coaching is about helping people to explore their transferable skills and identify what motivates them.  It’s about exploring all the options and eliminating many of the barriers preventing them from realizing their career potential.

Here’s another little exercise you can try for yourself. Draw a line on a piece of paper with your date of birth at the start and your estimated year of death (without getting morbid!) at the end. You have now created your ‘personal life line’.

Now mark an “X” to show where you are now.  How far along the line is the “X”? Consider, what you have achieved until now and think about how much time has passed? What jobs have you done?  What did you enjoy and what were your successes?

Next, look at what remains on the right of the “X”.  Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve?  How much time do you have to achieve that?  If your earlier answers to the 3 questions indicated you’re not doing a job that really makes you happy, then perhaps it’s time to start thinking about what you would like to do and how you might be able to achieve it.

Career Coaching is not an overnight fix, and magic wands are in short supply.  However, if you really want to change – you can.  You are in control of your own career and ultimately you can always change direction.


If you do not change the direction in which you are going, you will end up where you are headed – Confucius

January 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the new MunroCareers newsletter.
For those of you who were signed up to my newsletter previously, as you know I had to put it on hold last year.
I was working as a freelance Trainer and Career Consultant for the Career Transition Partnership, supporting our Service Leavers from the Armed Forces to make their transition in to civilian employment.
I was asked to support the team on a 12m fixed term contact to cover a colleague who went on Secondment. It was an excellent opportunity, one I couldn’t pass up. I also continued to offer my Career Coaching and CV writing services privately, and soon came to realise something had to give!
How quickly those 12 months have passed! I shall be continuing to support service leavers out of RAF Northolt on a Freelance basis, however, now I can be available during the day and early evenings to continue offering individual face to face Career Coaching, CV writing, Interview Techniques Coaching as well as advice and guidance on Networking Techniques.
I’ve taken some time out to re-vamp the newsletter and source some useful articles and information which I hope you find useful.
If you know someone who might need some help changing their career, finding employment, writing a strong CV or gaining confidence at interviews, I offer afree telephone consultation to all new customers, a free 8 point CV check as well as a free set of ‘Values Cards’ that can be used to help identify what values are most important for you in your current or next job – feel free to pass this on.
I am also on Facebook and Twitter and welcome new connections all the time.
Each month I will post an interesting and enjoyable careers based video for you to enjoy.
Recent Articles
I have written a few articles recently. In January I wrote an article for Pathfinders Resettlement Magazine in conjunction with the Officers Association around the debate between Reverse Chronological CV’s and Functional CV’s. What kind of CV do you prefer?
I also wrote about beating the January Blues and for this month, with Valentines Day in mind, I wrote about how to Love Your Job? How do you feel about your Job – do you Love It? Maybe my article can help!
My regular articles will continue to appear in the monthy magazine In and Around which is distributed to 33,000 homes around Uxbridge, Harefield, Ruislip, Ickenham, Iver and West Drayton.
The Jobs Market
So what’s going on in the job market at the beginning of 2015?
Well, things are definitely on the up and it’s looking a lot better and more bouyant than it was this time last year. So that’s good news.
In fact, Milton Keynes now ranks top of the UK jobs growth cities Why? Well, according to Recruiters in a report from think-tank Cenre for Cities,l low business start up costs, a booming property market and good transport links has sent Milton Keynes to the top of the list of UK cities with the highest jobs growth over the past decade with 24,4000 jobs, an increase of 18.2% compared to a decade ago. This was closely followed by London with 769,500 jobs, up 17.1%.
With strong links to London and Birmingham, with major rail connections and its proximity to the M25 and M1 for road access, Milton Keynes is very attractive and popular with organisations like Mercedes adn National Rail continuing to grow and invest locally and contributing to the growth of the city.
Business start-up have also been successful with lower over-head costs compared to the Capital along with a huge investment in local house building and infrastructure projects such as the purpose built business park including a new football stadium.
If you are considering new employment, you might find this link most helpful:
Attending a Jobs Career Fair can be a great way to meet employers, network and find out what kind of jobs are happing near you. There is one taking place in Reading on 6th February. Click here for further information:
BBC News announced yesterday London’s population hit a record 8.6m, the highest since 1969 and surprisingly the town with the biggest population growth was Hillingdon with 289,000 residents! Do you live in Hillingdon? How do you think this has effected business and employment?
Finally, here is a great video for you all to watch about what Recruiters really think during the interview process! Enjoy!
Until next month

Love Your Job!

love your jobHooray it’s February!!  You have survived the most depressing month of the calendar – January

You have propped up the UK’s economy by grabbing bargains in the sales; promised yourselves to lose those extra pounds put on over Christmas; signed back up with the local gym; started eating healthily and some of you may have even avoided alcohol for a whole month as part of the Cancer Research Dryathlon! Phew!!

Now we can reap the benefits as February is here and it’s the month of ‘love and romance’ with Valentine’s Day just round the corner.

 So this month’s article is all about “Love”……. …and how to ‘Love Your Job’!

 The New Year is the most popular time for people to quit their job, or feel despondent about their careers.  But don’t be too hasty, the grass may seem greener elsewhere, but in this current economic climate, it probably isn’t.  So try changing your attitude to your job and start making small changes to make it more rewarding.

Remember your job does not define you, but how you do your job does.  Having the right attitude, such as having a positive frame of mind and demonstrating a ‘can do’ attitude to those around you will also have a profound influence on the people you work with. There are times when you can’t control your situation, but you can always choose how you behave in it.

If you are one of those people who arrive in the office on a Monday morning complaining about the journey, or the weather, or about how fast the weekend went and how you’d rather be doing something else, think again.  Not only will your negative attitude bring your colleagues around you down, but it will bring you down.  Here’s how to start to love your job…

If you change your attitude and start reflecting a positive outlook, people will really notice.  They will start to ask you about this “new you” and what’s changed?  Make it your mission to see how many people you can influence.  Get them involved in making your work place a better place to be.  Start small, maybe just have a big clear out in the office and make it look and feel nicer.  Rather than sitting at your desk with a sandwich every day try inviting your colleagues out for lunch.

Stop focusing on the money. We all live to our means and we will always want more– no matter how much we get.  So stop using it as an excuse.  It’s a well know fact that pay is not biggest motivator to being satisfied at work.  Money may have attracted you to the job in the first place, but won’t keep you there.  If you had an absolutely horrid job and was well paid for it, it would only be a matter of time until you would want to leave!  Getting paid is only one small part of what you do; your work has to be more than just a payslip to be fulfilling.  Love your job.

Think about the significance of what you do. Really think about your contribution and all positive things you have accomplished. Try to think back on why you took the job in the first place and how delighted you were when you got the job.   Perspective plays a huge role in personal satisfaction.  What impact could you  make now in your job and within your organisation?  Are there things you could actually change for the better and improve?

Everyone wants to know they are loved….. and work is no different. 

Start to thank your colleagues and give them positive feedback.  People want to be appreciated and told “well done!” and “good job!” You can create that culture in your office today – just watch it flourish and spread through the office and feel good about the reactions you get.

So, when you get up to go to work tomorrow, remember to put a big smile on your face and think about what a great day you are going to have and love your job!

Start to love your job!