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Be Fearless!

be fearlessI recently spent a couple of days in sunny (actually it rained constantly!) Suffolk. Such a beautiful part of the world to spend some time just relaxing. Something we are all guilty of not doing enough of.

On the way there we stopped at lovely Farm and Gift Shop and I spotted a range of ‘inspirational postcards’ . I bought some and when we came back I framed them and put them up in my office at RAF Northolt.

One of them says “Happiness is an Inside Job!” and the other one says “Be Fearless!”    

They got me thinking about how important it is to be ‘happy’ in your job and to have the strength to be ‘fearless’. 

We are all guilty of wanting an easy, yet well paid job. However, if you are not stimulated at work and your job becomes routine, dull and easy you will start to find it difficult to feel energised and stimulated at work.  Complacency starts to take over.

We all need a certain level of stress in our lives to make things interesting. If your job just ticks along perfectly without any effort, work would become incredibly boring and eventually you’d hate your job!

So, what would it take to make your job more energised and stimulating? How could you become happier at work?

#Be Fearless!

Ok, so this doesn’t mean start going around scaring your work colleagues or doing things at work that will get you fired! But how about challenging yourself to take on additional responsibilities? Maybe change the way you do something at work? Creat something new, or a new way of working?  Or maybe it’s time to consider finding a new job that really makes you happy?

How can YOU be fearless at work? 

Challenging what you do, how you do it and taking a risk to improve things will energise you and open up opportunities that you may not have considered before.

You may start to effect others around you. They may want to be fearless too!

This is your job, this is your life…… “Happiness is an inside job”!