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Steps to Effective Job Searching

careersEffective Job Searching is a technique, get it right and you will have a positive experience and will start finding work opportunities.  Get it wrong and your experience can become negative, your morale could drop and you might start losing your confidence. 

When I see new clients I always ask them what their job searching techniques are.  Almost all of them tell me they look for work using online job websites.  Scouring through hundreds of jobs, reading job descriptions and clicking on ‘Apply Now!’  Then they sit back and wait for a response.  It’s usually a long wait.

Here’s a scenario to think about:  if you were going to buy a new house instead, you would probably be far more pro-active.  You wouldn’t just go on to the RightMove website, search for your ideal house, and just click on ‘Buy Now’ would you?…….. No?

Of course not!  Research is key

You cannot make a decision as important as buying a house without thorough research and gathering all the information you need. 

You may do some or possibly all of these things:

  • Research the area where you want to live
  • Visit the area in person
  • Search properties on Right Move
  • Call and visit local Estate Agents
  • Draw up a shortlist of houses
  • Compare house prices
  • Talk to local people
  • View them, take photos
  • Ask friends opinions and invite others to have a look

If you’ve bought a new house, you’ll know how exhausting it can be. 

Finding a new job or changing your career is up there with the same level of importance as buying a house.  So why treat it differently or with less energy or focus?

So, if you are looking for a job, or a career change, treat it the same.

  • Find out as much information as you can about the job you are looking for
  • Contact organisations and people directly
  • Identify who is in your network and start talking and asking questions
  • Where do companies advertise their jobs?
  • What key skills are they looking for?
  • What training and qualifications do they look for?

Once you have gathered as much information as possible you will be able to look at tailoring your C.V to the job market your interested in. 

Knowing how companies recruit, where they advertise, what skills and experience they are looking for, what training and qualifications they want will put you one step ahead of the competition for sure. 

So, next time you look for a job, ask yourself, are you putting in as much effort as possible.

Are you being really pro-active?