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Values Cards

Values Cards

The first step to finding a job you love is to first understand what is really important to you.

We all think we know what’s important to us in our own minds.  Financial reward and job satisfaction are often perceived as the priorities – however, there is so much more to this.

Firstly, you have to really understand what your own values are and what’s essential for you in your next job or career.

If your essential values are not met, you will never love your job.  So what better place to start than here – identifying your own personal values.

That way you can start building your whole job search around the Values that inspire and motivate you!

I have been using a Values Exercise with my clients  for years and the feedback I receive is always so positive.

They really help my clients see clearly what’s really important to them and highlights values they had never considered before.  It’s such a powerful and visual tool.

So, I have now created a whole set of branded Values Cards for you to buy.  There are 48 Values and 3 Header Cards (Essential, Fairly Important and Not Important) in each pack.

Each card represents a tangible value such as ‘Challenge’ – I like to feel challenged or ‘Location’ – I want to be able to choose how near/far / where I work.

The cards are A5 in size and on the back you can write key messages or comments to help inspire you such as ‘I don’t want to commute for more than 1/2 an hour each way a day’.


If you purchase a set of Values Cards, you will receive 10% off your first Career Coaching session.

One pack will cost £15 (instead of £22.50) incl P&P in the U.K – while stocks last! 

If you would like to purchase a set please contact me through my ‘contact me‘ page with your details or purchase a set via PayPal in the ‘costs‘ page and leave your address details.



Dreaming and Succeeding!

Dreams & Schemes

There’s a story about a famous person who made it in a highly competitive sport. Someone asked her, “How did you make it?” and she replied “It was something I always dreamed about!” The someone said “Well I dreamed of being a rock star and it never happened!” The famous person said “Well, when did you stop dreaming?”

Dreams are not just wishful thinking but can be extraordinary motivation triggers, if we can harness them. They are not just the wild images and fantasies that come into our heads during sleeping. A dream is a pumped up goal.

Here’s an example – an 8 year old says “I’d really love to be a professional footballer”. He plays football a lot with friends and keeps thinking about it. He grows up and takes a job in a sports centre.

Another 8 year old says the same thing. He plays every day and at weekends. He goes for coaching. He dreams of being a footballer each night before he falls asleep. He gets picked for a local club’s School of Excellence. When his mates start smoking, he decides to go running every night. He makes it eventually.

If you have a dream, everything else revolves around it ’til it is achieved. Most people give up because the effort and concentration is too much for them. But if you want to go for your dream life, you have to go for it as if your life depended on it, because it does!

Dreaming your Dreams

Try this technique and practise it every day for two weeks to imprint it on your subconscious:

  • Think of something you really want for yourself or something you want to happen
  • Get a picture of some kind in your mind of what it would be like if you achieved this dream – how you would be.
  • See anything you can see about it – colours, shapes, people in your dream
  • Hear yourself and anyone/anything else, which would be part of the dream
  • Imagine the feeling you would have from achieving your dream
  • Freeze frame everything – what you see, hear and feel
  • Allow yourself to come back to the present. You now have a strong focus to work with but keep practising this ‘rehearsal’ technique – it will pay off.

Being motivated to go for your dreams takes energy and action, but most people give up before they begin because they think their probability of success is zero. They bail out before the boat even gets a hole

Go on……. start dreaming and succeeding!