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10 Successful Steps to an Effective Job Search

Karen is a professional Career Coach providing individual support in all aspects of employment including effective CV writing, interview skills training, business networking and successful job searching.  Following a 20 year career at the BBC, where she specialised in recruitment and career development, Karen founded her Career Consultancy in June 2010.  A member of the Institute of Careers Guidance, a qualified Careers Practitioner and Trainer, she works with both private and public sector clients across London and the South East with the majority coming from Hillingdon, Buckinghamshire and Middlesex.  Karen is an accredited Associate Career Consultant for the Ministry of Defence’s Resettlement Programme.  She facilitates successful group training workshops as well as individual career coaching sessions for military service leavers at RAF Northolt and Aldershot Army Barracks.  She is also the resident Careers Advisor at Uxbridge Job Centre and runs small, successful employment workshops around the borough of Hillingdon.  Karen writes for a number of careers focussed and military resettlement magazines as well as contributing to ‘In and Around’ where she shares her practical experience with the local community.

10 Successful Steps to an Effective Job Search.

 Looking for a job is a full time job in itself, so it’s really important that you have structure, clear actions and objectives just as you would in a full time job.

1.     Organise your Day  Don’t start getting in to the habit of sleeping in through the week.  Set your alarm as if you were going to work. Dress smartly and allocate yourself a start and end to your working day. Your new job is finding a new job and you need to take it seriously!

 2.     Have a set routine  Like with any job, you need to have time out.  Schedule yourself breaks and if you’re spending a lot of time in the house, make sure you get out. Perhaps go for a walk or maybe even go a bit further and go for a run.  Exercise is a great way to keep energised and feel good.

3.     Put together a clear Action Plan  It’s really important to have structure.  An action plan will keep you focussed and on track.  Plan what you need to do today, by the end of the week, by the end of the month and so on.  Set aside time for catching up on emails, surfing job sites, checking your business connections and researching

4.      Plan what your objectives and goals are  Agree specific goals such as; by the end of the week have a target for how many C.V’s and job applications you are going to send off; how many new connections you want to add to your network; how many interviews are you going to aim for and when you want to have secured a job.

5.     Be Pro-active  Those who are more proactive and resourceful with their job search tend to be successful much more quickly than those who are passive and waiting for an opportunity to come their way.

6.     Be Patient, but be Realistic  Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals but make sure you are challenging yourself.  Adjust your Action Plan if you need to and review your progress.

7.     Research and Network  As always researching the job market and networking key contacts through friends, family, professional bodies, organisations, social networking is absolutely key.  Remember 80% of the job market is ‘hidden’ so don’t spend 100% of the day on 20% of the on-line job market.

8.     Consider Volunteering  Spending some of your free time volunteering [] is a great way to keep busy and feel good and can often lead to great job.

9.     Invest in Yourself  Consider investing in some basic business cards with your name, mobile and email details and your Linked In or Twitter details with your Job Title – it can become your new ‘mobile C.V’ which you can hand out to new contacts.

10.   Reward Yourself  Finally, at the end of your working day take time out and reward yourself for doing a good job and working hard. It will all come to fruition eventually and you will be reaping the rewards of a new job and you will have really earned it!