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Corporate and Business Services

A qualified and accredited Trainer and Facilitator with an established client portfolio with a wide range of clients from multi national corporations to local community groups.

Experience of delivering specialist workshops for the Armed Services to more personal sessions for the long term unemployed in the community.

Using a range of techniques and styles to suit a diverse audience, offering professional help with all aspects of employment specializing in C.V writing, interview techniques and career transittion coaching.

Available for:

  • individual business career coaching
  • group facilitation in the workplace
  • group facilitation in the community
  • outplacement services
  • employability workshops
  • group training
  • mentoring

“Success is down to Karens ability to engage with her audience at any level and personalise the service and really deliver what clients want.”

If you would like more information on how I can help your group or organisation please contact me in confidence and with no obligation.


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Researching the Market

Well it’s been a busy month for me with many new clients. Last week I headed down to Hampshire to visit a new client who is setting up her own business with new and nearly new designer clothes. All very interesting and close to my heart so I thought I had better get some research under my belt before we met.

As with any business, research and networking is critical. I am a great supporter and promoter of networking, as it is the key to everything to everything we do from relationships to employment.

So, I was busy researching the market of nearly new designer clothes and was really surprised what I found. Lots of articles about how the most influential customer in today’s economic client was me….. well, not just me, but women! I found out that Women control 65% of global spending (and that rises to more than 80% in the United States) and it’s estimated that by 2020 there will be more female than male millionaires in Britain. Of course, all of us women out there already knew this, in fact we’ve known it all along. It’s just taken until now for many businesses to realise they’ve been pitching their businesses to the wrong sex.

Great news for my new client, who already knows she is tapping in to the ‘yummy mummy’ market, but it appears to be a much bigger market than she’d first thought.

It also gives us great confidence to know businesses and executives across the land are trying to work out how to ‘woo’ this very new and very particular consumer market. Whether that’s engaging women as customers or employing their expertise in the boardroom or in the advertising departments. What else does it mean? It means opportunity and creative business thinking. Whether you are male or female, suddenly there is a whole new realisation that everything needs to change.

If women now represent a growth market bigger than India and China combined, buying 91% of home purchases, 65% of new cars, 80% of healthcare and 66% of computers then this can only mean one thing. It’s not all ‘doom and gloom’; there’s new business growth and opportunity.

It also tells us something else about changing careers – the importance of researching your market. So, if you are moving to a new sector, starting up your own business or getting back in to employment after a break. RESEARCH IT!!

In today’s social networking and I.T savvy society everything you need to know is at your fingertips – just 3 clicks away. Make sure you research where you are, where you’re going and how you are going to get there. And if, like my new client in Hampshire, your research comes out good, then go for it.

Meanwhile, I am going to go out there and start working some retail stats of my own. Enjoy!

The Art of Networking

I have been working with a number of new clients this month who come from a range of different business backgrounds.  It’s always refreshing to meet new people and have new business challenges.

In my line of work no two clients are the same.  They will bring with them different experience, expertise and skills and will all want different levels of support.   Every new client is a valuable opportunity to network and exchange information.  Whilst I am there to support my clients, whether it’s helping them to write a professional C.V, give them valuable career coaching, or improve their interview skills,  I can also gain a great deal of information that I can used to benefit other clients.

Sometimes, it’s about putting clients together who may have mutual business needs.  Other times it might be meeting a client who has completed a particular qualification or course who can share firsthand how successful it has or hasn’t been.

I have been able to share a wealth of new knowledge and contacts with my existing and new clients through networking.  For example; I have a client who is setting up her own business selling new and nearly new designer clothes.   I have been helping her realise the business potential of her own networks to increase her business without having to pay a penny in advertising.  No doubt she will soon be successfully reaping the benefits from her new customers.

I also have a new client who is a Web Designer who has very kindly agreed to exchange his web design skills for my career coaching sessions in order to help me create a new website.  It’s a great example of being creative in business through your own networks.

Networking is absolutely fundamental to everything we do.  Whilst we are living in an ‘on-line’ world where we are just 3 clicks away from whatever we need to know – networking is the key to success in employment, business and growth.

Networking is a free resource and for that reason the hidden job market is getting stronger and stronger.  People get to hear about job opportunities through friends, friends of friends, ex-colleagues, family connections, chance meetings and of course Social Networking such as Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter.  I am available on all 3 since I recently joined the wonderful world of ‘Twitter’ – you can find me: @munrocareers

Networking now equates to up to 80% of the job market!  So anyone looking for employment opportunities on-line, through a local recruitment agency or in their local ‘Classified Ads’ are putting 100% of their efforts in to as little as 20% of the job market.

Networking is not an exact science and you don’t need to go on a course to learn how to do it. It’s just about being aware of the opportunities that surround you.

So what are you waiting for?  Go on…… get out there and start networking!